Silent Disco Box,
silently making it's way since 2007

Silent Disco Box Beeldmerk

Silent Disco Rental

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The Silent Disco Box will be delivered at the location of your choosing,
connect the cables and… Party time!


~ No deposits necessary and post-pay (14 days) ~

~ Insurance against loss and damage included ~

~ Starting price for a period of maximum 6 days ~

~ Free back-up material and shipment ~

Silent Disco Box Beeldmerk

Silent Disco Purchase

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Multiple models and accessories,
connect the cables and… Party Time!


~ Warranty (24 months) ~

~ Delivery from stock ~

~ Post-pay (up to €2.500) ~

~ Free shipment ~

Need inspiration..?

Our clients have been surprising us over the years with the most varying and creative usages for our Silent Disco equipment.
Besides the ‘silent disco’, our headphones can be used in a variety of other ways, for example; theatre, live music, movies, seminars, demo-hearings, translations, museums, etc.

You create it, we make it possible…

How does that work?

It could be that there are all sorts of questions arising right now, like how many headphones can be connected to a transmitter, and how far can you walk away from a transmitter? Or you’re asking yourself how many transmitters you can use simultaneously, and if setting things up is difficult?

These and more questions and answers can be found on the FAQ page. If you’re still in need of assistance, you can always give us a call or write us an e-mail.

You can have a Silent Box rental  starting from €70,- (including VAT), which includes 10 headphones and 1 transmitter. Delivery and return shipment is free for all of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. De sets are easy to setup with for example your smartphone (Spotify) or a professional (DJ-) mixing console. Just take a look in our short manual to see how easy it is. If you still need some help, our advisors are always happy to help you via telephone.

The phenomenon is not new; people who are dancing and singing while wearing a wireless headphone. It might be even more fun for the onlookers, as they do not hear the music, but only see the people dancing and partying. The Silent Disco Box makes the ‘silent disco’ possible in your own home! A great experience that fits perfectly with your parties. And of course for practical reasons too; if you do not want to bother your neighbours for example.

Besides that, it’s also possible to transmit multiple sound sources (channels). You will have to order an extra transmitter for that, but afterwards your users can choose what they want to listen to with a switch on the headphone.

Order at ease through four steps

Order Online

via the webshop on the delivery and return date of your choice


At an address of your choice or at a parcel shop nearby

Connect and … Party!

Use the manual for this, or call if it fails

Return and pay

Seal the box, transfer and pay within 14 days