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Almere Premium Silent Disco Headphones

Silent Disco Box Almere is the leading provider of silent disco headphones. Our silent disco boxes are a great tool that helps create a silent disco event. They are simple to set up and can be used with a variety of music sources. With the help of silent disco headphones, you can experience upbeat, fast-tempo music or joyful, cheerful music. If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate your special occasion or just add some extra excitement to your nightlife, then a silent disco box is a perfect choice. We offer silent party headphone kits that include all the equipment you will need to host an evening of privacy and music at home. Plus, it’s a great way to get people together and have fun!

Silent Disco Boxes

The Silent Dancing Experience You Need To Try


Silent Disco Box has been in business for 15 years. We are helping individuals to enjoy their own silent discos at their convenience. Our LED enriched headphones are also used by thousands of people every year, and we regularly restock them to ensure that our customers get the quality they expect from us. We offer unlimited technical support and spare parts, making us the go-to supplier for quality service.

Almere’s Top Silent Disco Headphone And Party Rental Service 

Multiple Channels

There are 3 channels and 10 channel mixing systems. For each channel, you need one transmitter and a laptop/phone/DJ mixer. You can then listen to the perfect channel on your headphones by switching between channels.

Premium Sound

Our silent disco boxes are a great way to add some extra excitement to your next party. They come with high-quality sound that will make you feel like you are in the club. Plus, they’re easy to set up, and you don’t need any special equipment to use them. Just plug them in, and you’re ready to go.

Vibrant LED’s

The silent disco box is a great addition to any party. Not only does it provide a fun atmosphere, but it also comes with some very unique features. One of the most interesting features of our box is the vibrant LEDs. These LEDs provide a great lighting effect that is perfect for any party.

Own logo

All of our headphones come with your logo on them, so you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd! You can add a logo to this fantastic silent disco equipment according to your choice and taste.

Put together a sales set yourself

Pre-assembled sales sets

Individual sales products

Check Before Jumping Into Something New

We love when people want to test our products before they buy them. So we’re making it easy for you! We have put together special test sets with our full range specifically for this. For the test set, we can easily deliver it to you by post. If you order before 11 a.m., we will have it for you today. You can return it free of charge and no later than 3 working days later via a DPD parcel shop. So easy. The price for this set is € 35- and if you eventually purchase, we will, of course, settle this amount with the purchase amount.

Silent Disco Test Set

Kies je aantal hoofdtelefoons en zenders
(1 zender is 1 kanaal, maximaal 3)


Kies de datum waarop je het nodig hebt:


Wij leveren 1 á 2 werkdagen eerder.
Zo komt het zeker op tijd aan.


Terugsturen doe je gratis de eerste werkdag na gebruik.
Je geeft het pakket weer af bij een DPD-pakketshop.

These companies were already using Silent Disco Box!

These companies were already using Silent Disco Box!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can you rent Silent Disco headphones in The Hague?

Silent Disco can be rented in more and more places in The Hague. But how convenient is it when we deliver the Silent Disco to your home? We deliver throughout the Netherlands, including in The Hague. Orders placed before 11 a.m. will still be delivered tonight*.

*Delivery Monday to Friday between 5:00 PM and 10:30 PM (excluding holidays) applies to deliveries. 90% of the packages are delivered on time by Instabox.

Wat is er leuk aan silent disco?

  • If you want to talk, take off your headphones and you can have a chat at a normal sound level.
  • You can adjust the volume yourself, so you can turn the music as loud as you want.
  • The neighbors can’t complain about too loud music.
  • You can even have two or three DJs playing at the same time to alternate and switch between different genres.
  • For young and old. The elderly can chat quietly while the youngsters let themselves go on the dance floor.
  • The party doesn’t necessarily have to end at a specific hour. The sound is always crystal clear.

Waarom silent disco?

As we have described before, you no longer have to worry about hearing damage or losing your voice at a silent disco. You can determine the volume yourself and if you tap someone you can simply take off your headphones.

Hoe werkt een silent disco?

You have received our headphones and transmitters at home or collected them from our warehouse in Herten. Now that you’ve received the headphones and transmitters at home, it’s time to start up your silent disco!

  1. Connect the transmitter.
  2. Connect the transmitter to your phone, tablet, laptop or DJ equipment. You can do this via the supplied cables. When you use our bluetooth transmitter, you can connect your device via the bluetooth button.
  3. Turn on your headphones and choose the right channel, adjust the volume if necessary.
  4. Play the music on your phone, tablet or laptop. You’re ready to go!

Wat heb je nodig voor een silent disco?

For a silent disco you need the following things: headphones, transmitters, cables and audio devices to play the music. Multiple channels? Then you also need multiple audio devices, because you connect an audio device per transmitter.

Hoeveel zenders nodig voor silent disco?

In principle you can already start with silent disco from 1 channel. Would you like to be able to listen to multiple channels at the same time? Then you need multiple channels. You can broadcast one channel at a time to the headphones per transmitter. We have headphones that can switch between 3 or 10 channels.

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