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The noise of the museum: Empty Walls, new sounds [review]

Dutch musical theater company BOT holed themselves up in the empty Museum Arnhem, to put it to the test, to shake it up, to listen to the silence and to break it, and to present ‘The Noise of the Museum’ four weeks later.

In the past years BOT has made 13 productions as part of the series ‘The Noise of…’, always in buildings, which after the production either disappeared or were assigned a new function. This time, directed by Marcel Sijm, BOT did their production in a building destined to stay, which will soon revive its function in full glory. In the vacuum between the old and the new museum, BOT reflects on the question of what the musuem itself thinks about it.

Noise of the Museum

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Break the Silence Disco at Pinkpop & Down The Rabbit Hole and others

This summer the Red Cross visits several festivals with their Break the Silence Disco. It is not a Silent Disco as you know it. You will be taken along into the lifes of young people without residence permits. They share their life story and their favorite music with the visitors of the festival. The youngsters talk about why they fled to the Netherlands and how their lifes look like at the moment. And although their future is uncertain, their dreams and ambitions are not forgotten. With this, the Red Cross wants to draw attention to the fact that not everybody can take freedom for granted. During the day you will hear these special stories. At night the booth will transform into a regular Silent Disco.

Are you intrigued to hear these stories? This summer you can find the ‘Break the Silence Disco’at several Dutch festivals, like Lepeltje Lepeltje Eindhoven, Pinkpop, Indian Summer Festival and Down the Rabbit Hole.


Break The Silence Disco

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Taartrovers Filmfestival [review]

Our headphones can be used for more than Silent Disco Parties, which is evident at the Dutch Taartrovers Film Festival!

At this film festival for children age 2 to 9, the imagination of young children takes the center stage. After watching the film, the young visitors can go to the playground of imagination where they are free to experiment. This year the playground also had a House of Sounds, where the children could experience adventures with their ears. What are sounds doing to the images you see? And how do you draw what you hear? Which sounds match the images you see? An inspiring festival where children can use all of their senses to discover, make and play. Noise of the Museum


Taartrovers Filmfestival