Through the years our clients have always surprised us with the most special experiences and usages for our headphones. From simple usage as real-time translation systems, to unique projects like a theatre performance where the audience walks around in a dark forest. Yoga lessons on the beach at sunrise, or a travelling theatre through the streets of Amsterdam. Experience the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) on a boat in a gracht or in the VIP area under the main stage of Sensation. The list is endless. Have a good or unique experience to share? Share it with us, like our clients below, and you’ll receive a nice discount on your next Silent Disco.

Lianda, Leiderdorp

The Asopos Najaars is a competition that is started by rowers from all over the Netherlands. To make sure that the people arriving from far, but who were out of the competition early had a bit of entertainment, we had an actual Silent Disco this year. A big, separated part of the tent was meant for the disco, and we did not hold back on money or effort to make it look like an actual disco: flashing lights with lots of effects and even a zebra and cow as DJs. Even though it was extremely cool inside, de last sunbeams of the year called people outside. It didn’t take long or there were people outside partying in the sun with the mobile headphones, or lazing on the grass, enjoying the quiet music. The atmosphere was only improved. Everything together, the Silent Disco was a great addition to our competition!

Anthony and Nathanja, The Hague

We discovered the Silent Disco on the Parade in the Hague and were immediately enthusiastic. When we had a reason to do a (beach!)party, we wanted our own Silent Disco, to make the evening complete. Ideal for mixed company, because dance lovers can do their thing, but people who would rather talk quietly are not bothered by the loud music. Everyone had a great evening, they are still talking about it!
The headphones have a good size and quality. Everything was delivered in good shape, and was easy to connect, deposit was returned quickly… in other words the service of Silent Disco Box is great and definitely cause for a repeat!

Sophie Schijf Organiseert

Sophie Schijf Organiseert produces the introduction of ArtEZ, the College for the Arts, for many years. A serious introduction, with lots of workshops and presentations. But an intro is not an intro without a big closing party. Seeing as we are located in the middle of an urban area with about 300 first year students, there is not much possible without creating an extreme disturbance. We had to look for it, but two years go we stumbled upon Silent Disco Box! The best invention ever. We have had a fantastic closing party for two years in a row and the students have danced and enjoyed themselves till the early morning light. No disturbance, no complaining neighbours, and no police on our doorstep. But we did have an amazing party!
As a producer, the Silent Disco Box is ideal. The box was delivered well in advance and everything was working, it’s easy to connect and there were more than enough batteries. I recommend everybody who wants a great silent party to use Silent Disco Box!

DJ Gregoor, Musique du Monde

I recently did a set with Silent Disco Box. They are very useful, small sets with great sound. The batteries last a long time and the range is also excellent. But above all it was great fun, without causing any disturbance! You can still have spoken contact and be close to the dancers. Incidentally I connected 2 PC speakers so that I could hear softly what was being played without headphones, and enjoy the musical atmosphere. The equipment made it possible that the waves of dancing were effortlessly interchanged with sitting and talking. In stead of a big and heavy sound system, just a small box. Delivered on time by GLS. Definitely recommended!

Suzan, Amsterdam

I used the Silent Disco Box for my 30th birthday party. The party was a success, and the Silent Disco played a big part in this. A great addition and recommended for all types of parties!
Using it was really easy. They sent a clear explanation with it that spoke for itself. All the equipment functioned well and was complete. They sent extra batteries, so they even thought of this.
In regards to the delivery there was a bit of stress, but Silent Disco Box solved this in a pleasant way. As mentioned with the tips of Silent Disco Box I had chosen to receive the package 2 days before the party. The vendor DHL actually lost the package, which means there was no delivery on the day of the party. Even though this was not the fault of Silent Disco Box, they drove from Limburg to Amsterdam with a new package. Just in time for the party! Great service from Silent Disco Box.